Make-Up Match-Up is a contest of make-up skills where contestants must try to replicate the look of an anime character using only cosmetics to transform the facial features of their subject.


Contest registration is only available online. The following information must be submitted through the form below:

  1. The contestant’s name;
  2. The name of the subject who will be transformed;
  3. The contestant’s working contact details (mobile phone AND email);

The information above must be truthful; falsifying any of the information will result in instant disqualification and the applicant will not be allowed to join the succeeding year’s competition as an additional penalty. All registration information will be kept in the strictest of confidence and other competitors will not be informed whether a particular competitor has entered the contest or not.

ACX 2017 Make-Up Match-Up Registration Form


From all the entries submitted online, only a maximum of six (6) pairs (6 contestants and 6 subjects) will be allowed to join the competition which will be held on Day 1 (July 29, 2017) of Anime and Cosplay eXpo (ACX).

Finalists will then be contacted via e-mail, but will need to confirm their entry during the event day itself.

There will also be a waiting list in case any of the performers do not confirm on the day itself. On-site registration will require the same information as online registration.


The Contestants must confirm their attendance on or before 1:00 PM on July 29, 2017. They must be ready with their subject and make-up paraphernalia. All contestants will be required to purchase tickets to the event in order to participate, but there will be no additional registration fees to join the contest.



  1. The competition is restricted to a maximum of four (4) contestants. If the four (4) slots have not yet been taken by the day of the competition, we will be accepting on-site registration for the remaining slots.
  2. At the beginning of the contest, each contestant must pick a card to find out what character they must replicate using only make-up.
  3. Contestants may apply the following to the subject before the competition: (1) Primer; (2) Foundation; and (3) Concealer. All other make-up must be applied during the competition.
  4. They then have twenty (20) minutes with which to try to replicate the character on their subject.
  5. The make-up is then presented to the judges to see which is the closest to the character on the card they selected.
  6. The winner will be the one that has the highest scores from the judges.



A panel of judges will judge the contest with the following criteria in mind:

  1. Accuracy (40%): How close the make-up was in making the subject look like the character.
  2. Make-up Technique (40%): How well they used the make-up and how clean the application of the make-up was.
  3. Creativity (20%): Inventive use of make-up to achieve results in a way that is unexpected yet inspiring.

Judges’ decisions are final and cannot be appealed.



At the end of the event, the scores will be tabulated and the highest scores based on the judges will be determined. The awards will be as follows:

  1. Make-Up Match-Up Champion

Rules are subject to change and revisions without prior notice.
The Make-up Match-Up Rules and Guidelines is the sole property of® and Cosplay Philippines®.
The guidelines cannot be copied and/or replicated and/or reproduced for any other event and/or contest without the consent and/or permission from its parent owners.