Detective Conan: The Sunflowers of Inferno to premier in SM Cinema

SM Cinema brings to the Philippines the newest Detective Conan film and will premier on July 22 under the Cinexclusive brand.

A certain world-famous painting was to be auctioned at an auction house in New York frequented by the rich. The piece of art was one of Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’, a masterpiece thought to be destroyed during a U.S. air raid in Japan during World War II. Jirokichi Suzuki fights off all bidders putting forward $300 million to buy it, stating he intends to collect all seven of the ‘Sunflowers’ paintings that are scattered around the world. It will be given its greatest exhibition ever in the Japanese museum ‘Lake Rock’, which boasts iron-clad security, he announces live on worldwide news being watched by Conan and Ran. He has collected seven specialists known as the ‘Seven Samurai’ to protect the Sunflowers.

Official website: (Japanese)

Kobun Shizuno

Takeharu Sakurai

Katsuo Ono

Original creator:
Gosho Aoyama

Character Design:
Masatomo Sudô

Art Director:
Yukihiro Shibutani

Chief Animation Director:
Masatomo Sudô

Kappei Yamaguchi as Kaito Kuroba/Kaitō Kid
Minami Takayama as Conan Edogawa

Hiroshi Isobe as Kōji Azuma
Katsuhisa Houki as Taizō Ishimine