Manhid the Pinoy Superhero Musical

MANHID: The Pinoy Superhero Musical

On February 2015, “MANHID: The Pinoy Superhero Musical” wraps up Ballet Philippines’ 45th anniversary season. Set in an alternate present day Philippines where the EDSA revolution failed, this musical features heroes and villains with superpowers, and a people sick with Kamanhiran (Apathy).

For a nation in need of heroes - Manhid

Leading the cast of superheroes as Bantugan “Tag-inip” Buenaventura is Sandino Martin, who recently won Best Actor at the Cinema One Originals Awards Night for his role in “Esprit de Corps”. Bantugan is a journalist with the power to communicate with the other superheroes through his dreams.

Female lead Lam-Ang “Amihabagat” Panganiban, who controls the Amihan and Habagat winds, will be played by Regina de Vera and Teetin Villanueva. A resident actor of the Tanghalang Pilipino Actors Company, de Vera won the Gawad Buhay award for Outstanding Female Lead Performance in a Play in 2013 for “Der Kaufmann”. Villanueva is a recent Theatre Arts graduate from UP Diliman. Her thesis role performance as Hermana Augusta Beata in Floy Quintos’ COLLECTION earned her nominations for the 26th Aliw Awards and BroadwayWorld Philippines’ Awards in 2013.

Gold Villar takes on the role of Alunsina “Mura-dugo” Albano, who has the power to draw blood through her curse words. Villar is a senior teaching artist for the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) and has been part of productions Mga Kwento ni Lola Basyang, Batang Rizal, Si Juan Tamad, Ang Diablo at ang Limang Milyong Boto and most recently, Rak of Aegis.

Urduja, the mysterious goddess of all insects is played by recent discovery KL Dizon. A graduate of the Philippine High School for the Arts, Dizon has performed with the Philippine Opera Company on various productions. Dilim, a nightclub singer whose tragic songs bring on darkness, is played by Jean Judith Javier, who was last seen in the premiere of Ang Huling Lagda ni Mabini with Dulaang UP, and recently appeared in Noli Me Tangere the Opera as the madwoman, Sisa.
The cast of villains is led by Mayen Estanero, essaying the role of the Demonyita Mamalahima, the Minister of Humanity. In 2013, Estanero played the role of Rosario, wife of Lorenzo Ruiz in the Filipino-language rock opera “Lorenzo” and Nyai Ontosoroh in “Pramoedya”, which was part of Virgin Labfest.

Fred Lo and Ricardo Magno alternate as Radya Indarapatra “Mata-balani” Evangelista, an actor by day who has the power to become one’s heart’s desire. A full time performer, some of Lo’s most notable roles have been Mark Cohen in 9works Theatrical’s “RENT” and “Prince Christopher” in Resorts World’s “Cinderella”. Magno, a scholar of the Tanghalang Pilipino Actors’ Company, recently performed with Ballet Philippines in August 2014 as Emilio Aguinaldo in “La Revolucion Filipina”.

The Ballet Philippines dancers also take on the challenge of portraying the roles of comic book heroes and villains, led by Principal Dancers Jean Marc Cordero, Richardson Yadao, and Katherine Trofeo.

This original Filipino dance musical is by Kanakan Balintagos, with musical collaborators Vincent de Jesus, Carina Evangelista, and the Eraserheads. This year’s production will be directed by BP Artistic Director Paul Alexander Morales and choreographed by Alden Lugnasin. “MANHID: The Pinoy Superhero Musical” will have a three-weekend run at the CCP Main Theater on February 20-22, February 27-March 1, and March 6-8.

For bulk reservations, show buys, and inquiries, visit or call Ballet Philippines at 551-1003. For tickets, call the CCP Box Office at 832-3704 or Ticketworld at 891-9999.

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The 45th Anniversary Sapphire Season. Rare scenes of power and grace. Love, valour and redemption. Under the artistic directorship of Paul Alexander Morales, this is a toast to 45 years of dance excellence!

See you at the theater!



Can we imagine a world without EDSA? MANHID exists in a world without our return to democracy and human rights.

The play is about the battles of two groups of super–heroes: the Maragtas headed by tabloid writer Bantugan Buenaventura and the lady activist Lam-ang Panganiban versus the Tulisan ng Bayan headed by General Apolaki Regalado.

The Tulisan are employed by Mamalahim-ma a demonic Minister of Humanity who plans on enslaving whole generations of Filipinos with her epidemic of Kamanhiran. The heroes and villains, as children of their native land receive their powers when they were named after the gods and heroes of Philippine myth as a protest for the Masaker ng Taong Bayan. In their battles these opposing teams fight for the future of the Philippines.


Bantugan Buenaventura
Named after the epic hero of the Darangen, he has the power to enter other people’s dreams, specifically the dreams of the other powered Filipino youths. He is a tabloid writer for “Ang Tao Ngayon”.

Lam-Ang Panganiban
The daughter of the slain journalist who gave out the call for people to name their children after the myths and gods of the Philippines. She controls the gentle Amihan and the fury of the Habagat. Her goal is to unite the “Children of Protest” so they can use their powers to defeat the dictatorship and the encroaching Kamanhiran.

Allunsina Albano
Named after the Panay Goddess of Creation, she is a child of the slums. Her power allows her to draw blood from an enemy when she curses at them.

Sarimanok Cabalguinto
His wings are beautiful, yet do not enable him to fly.

Gawigawen Santos
“Ang Babaylan”
The mystical shaman of the group.

“Diwata ng Gabi”
The mysterious goddess of all insects

Her tragic songs drape the surroundings in darkness.

Her tears can cure anything.


The leader of the Tulisan ng Bayan and Minister of Humanity.

Gen. Apolaki Regalado
The spear he wields can bring one’s greatest fears into reality.

Radya Indarapatra Evangelista
He is a man of many faces. Through his eyes, he has the power to control people by becoming the person they desire the most.

The puppetmaster and controller of shadows.

Using his darts and blowgun, he spits poison to maim his enemies.

A psychic vampire, her touch sucks the life out of her victims.

“Ang Mangkukulam”
A witch who tortures her victims with dolls and black magic.