Cosplay Ranking System (CRS)

CRS1 has always been in the forefront of cosplay innovation and always strives to give constantly deliver new and exciting enhancements to the cosplay community. With this in mind, we are proud to unveil our latest innovation: the Cosplay Ranking System or CRS.

The Cosplay Ranking System is explained at the jump.

What is CRS you ask?

CRS is a system that categorizes Cosplay® Competitors into 3 Ranks (Beginner, Intermediate, Veteran) that they advance through their performance in Cosplay® contests that are accredited by CRS. This is to encourage beginners to join competitions while, at the same time, matching Veterans with competitors of their Rank.

How do you get into the system?

In order to join the CRS, the competitor must register with a CRS Accredited Contest. Upon registration, they will be asked to present their CRS ID Number (CID). If they do not have one, they will be provided with a form that they will be required to fill up. Upon completion, they will be assigned a CRS ID Number and given a CRS ID Card which they will present in the future when joining other CRS Accredited Contests. Their identity and Rank will be registered in this account.

The first event that the CRS will be implemented will be at the upcoming 6th Philippine Cosplay Convention on March 2-3, 2013 at the Midtown Atrium, Robinsons Place Manila.

  • Lyron Aquino

    ohhh me likey XD (y)

  • anon

    what about veterans who does not join competitions?

    how do u rank them?


      Everyone will start out at a clean slate.

  • Vlad Florida

    hmmm…. not bad…. its a first here~~ ^_^

  • Eikkel

    let’s see what good it can do to the community 🙂

  • Jan Lorenz Baliwagan

    Will the CRS cetification of cosplay competitions be limited to or -sponsored events, or will it be open to all organizers?

  • Dan Gerald

    makakatulong ba ito sa credibility ng mga nagpapacosplay contest? is it like “iwas-pugo” system?

  • Ivan B. Valerio

    so does this mean that cosplayers who immediately got a master rank will not be able to compete in any cosplay competitions with CRS? Is there a way for people in master rank to compete as themselves?


      Master Rank Cosplayers have given up the right to compete in CRS Contests in order to remain unbiased with regard to the other competitors. They can be allowed to have a catwalk as an exhibition, but cannot join the contest in any way. This is a very big responsibility and Cosplayers must not take the title rank lightly as there will be several requirements from them as well in order to ensure the integrity of the contests.

  • grandline ph

    will the cosplayer gain points in any Solo Cosplay Contest they compete?


      Provided that the cosplay contest is an accredited CRS event and he/she has a CRS ID.

      • GrandlinePH Crew

        ah ok..follow-up question admin.. will this system mean that the RANKING SYSTEM is going to be the new category system in cosplay competition?

        Best Beginner , Best Intermediate, Best Veteran


          For now, everyone will start as a Beginner Rank with 0 CRSPs. The category for the near future will be Open Contest Rank which will allow everyone to join until the Intermediate and Veteran Ranks are well populated. In other words, it’s nearly identical to a regular Cosplay Contest with the exception that people are earning CRSP when they compete.

  • Michael de Guzman

    This is good! may separations na yung mga beginner ,middle at high rankings. sometimes kasi nasasapawan ng mga middle at high ranking yung mga beginner in cosplay. thanks to this. now those new cosplayers will enjoy cosplay more. ^_^

  • Mark Aurelio Beloy

    will they allow lending of a veteran cosplayer’s costumes to a new (unranked) cosplayer?


      Costumes can be lent between Cosplayers, but Cosplay contests are not based on costume alone but performance as well as knowledge on the character being portrayed. In addition, questions can be asked by the judges which can discern if a costume was made by the Cosplayer or simply borrowed. All these things will affect the scoring, not simply the craftsmanship of the costume.

      • Mark Aurelio Beloy

        Good kung may question and answer, that may justify yung knowledge on the character and craftsmanship. I think kailangan din mabago at ma standardized ang mga criteria for judging(aside from the usual factors na Craftsmanship, Performance, Audience Impact) for CRS sanctioned competitions and to make CRS better.

  • Jonathan Salazar

    When will this start?


      The CRS system will start on the 6th Philippine Cosplay Convention this coming March 2-3, 2013 at the Midtown Atrium, Robinsons Place Manila.

  • Tovee Ramos

    wait sa events lng ba makakakuha ng CRP? what if kung sa school yung competition?

  • disqus_xWj6MLlK2O

    dpt nag dry run muna kayo e, marami magagalit sa inyo nyan, mawawala na yun essense ng cosplay, ang lagay ba nyan, in due time kung gusto nmin mkasabay mg cosplay yun malulupit na cosplayer we have to wait in a long time ? tatamarin na ang tao.

  • Roque Mari Espayos

    pros, will seperate rank from different cosplayers in competition so there will be chancer for first timers to win , thats a first ^^ and there will form a respect from begginners to veterans ———Con. chances are there will be elitism ( hope this will not happen )

  • Roque Mari Espayos

    another question. sa PCC magstastart so lahat b ng magcocompete mapipilitan magsign for CRS??? or an option for us. tapos pano na sasali sa competition ung di nag apply for crs??


      When you register for a competition in PCC, you will already be given a CRS ID as part of the registration process.

      • neil

        what if we dont want the crs id? would you discriminate us from joining any competition organized by your group?

  • Amgine Valkean

    Could you make the CRS ID a valid ID. contaning the following info?:
    SSS#, Tin# or Company name and ID#.
    and for students:
    School and School year and ID#


      The CRS ID will simply be a card that contains your CRS ID Number. It is not meant as an official identification card, but is provided free of charge. This ID Number will be linked to your account in through the backend, however, allowing us to track your progress. Bringing your CRS ID to a competition guarantees that the CRSPs you accumulate in the contest is properly credited. If you do not want your CRSP to be credited to your account, this is also possible, but CRSPs are not transferable.

  • Otakista

    We don’t need this right now. We need bigger event places. 😀


    The CRS certification is open to all organizers.

    Organizers who would like to have their cosplay events accredited must contact us and fulfill accreditation requirements.

    We will open accreditation application soon.


    The CRS certification is open to all organizers.

    Organizers who would like to have their cosplay events accredited must contact us and fulfill accreditation requirements. We will open applications soon.

  • Alvin U. Reyes

    honestly i think this is a good idea. gives cosplayers the need to “pay their dues” first and making a definite contribution to the cosplay community first before moving up in rank.

  • jufei

    what about those who cant always come to major events of cosplays?then they will have to wait for many years to earn some experience to be on the next rank?


    Getting a CRS ID is optional. Cosplayers who doesn’t want to get a CRS ID are free to do so but remember, if you suddenly decide to get a CRS ID after a few CRS accredited events, you will start out with zero pts.

  • Jeremiah Hyoudou Gibbs

    Where can we get a CRS card? O.o

  • Bianca Grace Contreras

    why in the world do we need a ranking system?

    what about local events in some cities? not everyone can attend major events in Manila and earn points, not all events locally can register for this as it may take too long.

    This is not a start of a revolution, it just shows how much we’re using cosplay as some sort of job level/profession/social ladder and not as a hobby.we honestly do not need this, with this ranking system new cosplayers will more or less be trampled by better competition, discouraged and the like…

  • Jennie Mendoza

    Good evening po. ask ko lang po kung saan isesend yung picture required para sa cosplay competition? arigatou! 🙂

  • Roselle Saringan

    Ahm where po iche2ckung points that u have already?

    • acewildgal

      Hi, points are updated at Points for the Baguio preliminaries should be updated by tonight.



      You can check the rankings at