Cosplay Ranking System (CRS) FAQs

Since the announcement of’s Cosplay Ranking System (CRS), we have read and received numerous comments and questions regarding it. To help you understand CRS better, we are releasing the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

1) How does CRS work exactly?

The goal of the CRS is to provide an exciting and competitive arena where cosplayers are matched up against competitors of a similar experience level. Starting March 2013, all registered cosplay contestants joining contests with the CRS accreditation logo (ie. 6th Philippine Cosplay Convention) are eligible to be part of the CRS.

Upon registration, the cosplay contestant can choose whether or not to participate in CRS and be ranked. If they choose to participate in CRS, they will be given a CRS ID and can join the contest normally. If they do not wish to participate in CRS, they can still join the contest, participate in the catwalk, etc, but they will forfeit any chance to win any prizes in the contest.

Aside from being eligible to win prizes, joining the CRS provides the added benefit of being able to breeze through registration faster by using your CRS ID. In addition, the competitor will be awarded CRS points per achievement, the total of which will be ranked and published in a ladder form at

When the competitor reaches a certain point total, they will advance to the next higher rank (from Beginner to Intermediate and later on from Intermediate to Veteran). At a certain point in the future, when there are a sufficient number Intermediate Ranked and Veteran Ranked competitors, contests will be divided into Beginner Contests, Intermediate Contests and Veteran Contests.

2) Is joining CRS going to be a requirement for all cosplayers?

No. You are free to join events regardless if they are CRS accredited or not.  You can even join CRS accredited events without registering for CRS, but, in doing so, you will forfeit your chances of winning any of the prizes in the CRS accredited contest.

This allows casual cosplayers who just want to join in the catwalk to participate without the pressures of joining CRS while, at the same time, preventing experienced cosplayers who would try to exploit the system by forever remaining in the beginner rank by not registering for CRS.

3) Are we required to pay for any fees to get a CRS number?

No. A number will be given to you for free if you register in a CRS-accredited cosplay contest. During your first registration to a CRS accredited contest, you will be issued your CRS number and your CRS ID containing your name and number for future reference.

4) What are the benefits of the CRS number/card?

Having a CRS ID Card will allow you to breeze through contest registration in accredited contests since your information is already on file. In addition, you will also be able to track your progress through CRS points that you earn by participating in and winning achievements in CRS-accredited competitions.

This information will be published in The privacy of the cosplayer will be maintained by listing the CRS ID numbers as a reference rather than the name of the competitor.

5) What if I lost my CRS number card or have forgotten the number, how will I recover it?

Your number will be part of your registration information which is in the database. It can be recovered with just an email inquiry. We may replace lost CRS cards for a minimal fee of Php 20. You can also update your ID to a more durable PVC ID (similar to our Cosplay Card) at a cost of only Php 100.

6) Are all cosplay events required to have CRS? What if an event does not want to have CRS?

The CRS only applies to CRS-accredited contests which will be easily identifiable by the CRS-accredited mark that must be published in the event poster. An event may choose to have none, some or all of their contests CRS-accredited but the contest must first be approved before it becomes eligible for being CRS-accredited.

Being a cosplayer who has joined the CRS does not prevent you from joining non-CRS competitions. You will not gain the usual point awards for joining a non-CRS competition, however.

Please send an email to for further information on accreditation.

7) Why don’t you recognize existing veterans and why do you need to have them start with the rest of the beginners?

Up to this point, in the Philippines, we do not have a standard, fair and accurate measurement in determining what makes a cosplayer a “veteran”.  A cosplayer may have to bring up documented proof of a number of proposed requirements such as: years cosplaying, the quality of costumes made, the number of participation or wins, the number of times they attended a con — all of which may be difficult to obtain, time consuming, authenticity of documents may be called into question. The CRS will provide an objective and transparent form of measurement which will be a solid basis on what makes a cosplayer a “veteran”.

In addition, this will also allow cosplayers to ease into the system, by allowing them to experience the different levels first before achieving the veteran rank. Also, by introducing the system in this way, there is a smoother transition of the CRS since, at the beginning, CRS-accredited contests will be very similar to regular contests aside from providing points for achievements.

8) Won’t the CRS incur arrogance through bragging rights?

Only the CRS ID’s will be listed in the website, providing privacy to the competitors as well as avoiding outright comparisons (since you will not necessarily know who is above or below you). Of course, a competitor can always announce their CRS ID number to the world, but this boils down to the personality of the competitor.

9) Won’t the CRS take the fun out of cosplaying?

The goal of CRS is to provide a level playing field by grouping competitors on the basis of their experience level. This allows beginner cosplayers a chance to gain awards and recognition without being overshadowed by much more experienced competitors.

Veteran cosplayers are also pitted against competitors of a similar skill level, making the competition more challenging while eliminating the long wait associated with watching less experienced cosplayers take to the stage in droves.

In addition, veterans will be more open to helping out beginner cosplayers as they will not be competing with them in the same competition and will provide cosplayers a long-term goal and a sense of accomplishment by pushing through the ranks.

Casual cosplayers, on the other hand, will still be able to perform on stage as they would normally if they choose not to join the CRS. Of course, they would not be eligible to win any awards, but if the point is simply to have fun in the event, this should not be an issue.

10) Won’t CRS promote bias?

The ranking system identifies you through your CRS ID number and not your real name when it is published online so it’s entirely up to the cosplayer if they choose to disclose their identity or not. The rank only denotes the experience level and not necessarily the skills or abilities of the cosplayer.

11) Won’t the CRS become ineffective, as just joining a contest several times and not winning, will eventually get a cosplayer to veteran level anyway regardless of skill or creativity?

The CRS was designed to advance a cosplayer rapidly when gaining achievements while advancing him or her at a much slower rate if based solely on joining contests. For example, if a beginner rank competitor accumulates points solely on joining contests, he or she would have to join 16 separate contests to even advance to intermediate compared to only 4 to 5 contests if they managed a minor or major award every time.

In addition, the CRS will also evolve with time. Some other concepts and ideas have been put on the back burner in order to avoid making the system too complicated in the beginning, but these could be introduced at a future date.

12) Won’t the CRS complicate matters in the cosplay hobby?

Anything new will always complicate matters at first. This is the same when new innovations to cosplay contests were introduced, such as the Cosplay Tag, the Costume Building Contest, Cosplay Tournament of Champions (TORCH) and even our own Cosplay Mania event. As a whole, the CRS introduces an objective system of ranking for cosplay competitions with the aim of increasing the level of competitiveness and skill of cosplayers.

For more information regarding the Cosplay Ranking System, please visit

We welcome inquiries, comments and suggestions regarding the CRS. Please email them at ( Please do note, we endeavor to read all the comments and suggestions we receive, but we may not be able a personal response to each email received.  All comments and suggestions for improvement shall be taken in full confidence.


  • Ivan B. Valerio

    thanks for these FAQ. Hope that CRS would be a long term success not only for cosplayers, but to the community as well.