6th Philippine Cosplay Convention


Cosplay.ph, Hobbiworx and Robinson’s Place Manila bring you the 6th Philippine Cosplay Convention on March 2 and 3, 2013 at Robinson’s Place Manila Midtown Atrium. Sporting a brand new 2-day format and new content, the pioneering FREE ENTRANCE Cosplay event is set to blaze new trails this March!


[Update: February 4, 2013]: We would like to inform everyone of the House Rules by Robinsons Place Manila for the 6th Philippine Cosplay Convention (6th PCC).

You may find the house rules at the following link:

Robinsons Place Manila House Rules for the 6th Philippine Cosplay Convention



[Update: February 9, 2013]: This is what you have been waiting for, the 6th PCC Cosplay Guidelines!

PCC Pre-registration is UP! Pre-registration forms are located at the following links:

Individual Cosplay Pre-registration

Group Cosplay Pre-registration


[Update: February 27, 2013]: Want to know what will activities that will happen on March 2 and March 3?

We are proud to release the 6th PCC program schedule!

6thpccprogram guide

40 thoughts on “6th Philippine Cosplay Convention”

    1. Better wait for the official announcement from the organizers.

      They will surely update this post once they finalize things.

    1. Better wait for the official announcement from the organizers.

      They will surely update this post once they finalize things.

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  2. i would like to join my son he is a 5yrs old, ngjjoin na po sya sa mga cosplay event.. ask ko lang po kng pwede po ba sya mg-join sa competition? he is a deaf, he knows what to do.. ill wait for ur answer, thank you!

  3. Hmm, I don’t recall seeing the entrance to the basement parking (whenever I go to Robinsons Manila, I’ve always parked at the upper levels, usually level 4-6). Where is the vehicle entrance to the basement parking?

    1. The vehicle entrance going to the basement parking can be found in-front of the Midtown Atrium Pedro Gil entrance. There’s also an entrance at along M. Adriatico.

      Hope this helps.

  4. Some of the details are a little unclear, particularly the dates…is the Individual Cosplay Competition on Saturday 2nd March, or both the Individual and Group competitions are on Sunday 3rd March? A lot of the dates aren’t consistent. Please confirm so I know which day to go :) Thank you!

    1. Hi.

      Thank you for pointing out the inconsistencies. Please allow us to clear it.

      March 2 = Individual Cosplay Competition.
      March 3 = Group Cosplay Competition.

      Please allow us to update the inconsistent dates.

  5. I tried to regizter online,…mais ze message “Double check the code” alwayz appear…
    I entered ze correct code many timez, and I’m still not regiztered.. what should I do? ( ^.^ )

  6. why are the mall rules so strict? who would put their make-up in the basement parking? It would be useless because it’s hot in the basement and the make-up will just wear off before you could go up in the venue. And who would be able to put up all their costumes within 10 minutes? Even the restroom has rules? Who the hell give rules in a private place like restrooms? There will be CCTV? Guards inside restroom carrying their timer? There should be at least an explanation on these rules. How about costrippers who wear wigs? Do they still need to register?

  7. Hello. Re: the skit and tag for individual cosplay – what is the max time allowed, total? this will affect the duration of the BGM. Also, for the BGM, do we have to bring CDs burned with the music already, or can we just have flash drives/MMCs on saturday?

  8. excuse me po sa solo po ba pde mag bgm if yes gano po katagal ang max? and if ever maigsi lang nmn po yung time pde po na mag share kami ng isa pang cosplayer?

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