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Cosplay Mania ’13

cm13 cover photo

Cosplay Mania ’13 will happen on Oct 5 and 6, 2013 and it will be awesome!

Just check out here and also over at the official Cosplay Mania site for updates and announcements.




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  1. We are currently working with our ticket partner and we will soon announce on the ticket prices and where you can buy them.

    Please do keep an eye here at for news and updates.

  2. Hi there! I’m a cosplayer from Singapore and will be attending Cosplay Mania for the 1st time! May i know how can we purchase the tickets? Can we buy it online? :D

    1. Hello! I am not sure if SM TICKETS will be willing to sell any tickets outside of the Philippines, so just to be sure, please check out their site or better yet, call them. Another option is that you can just buy the tickets once you land here. You can purchase it in most SM mall branches with SM TICKET booths or at Ticketworld, if I am not mistaken. You can also purchase the tickets directly on the day of the convention, if you’re patient enough to wait in a long queue. Good luck! :)

      1. I would like to correct you on this one.

        Peeps from outside the country could buy tickets online through SM Tickets and they can claim it at any SM Cinema branch or have it claimed during Cosplay Mania. We will try to have an express lane during the event for those who have bought their tickets online.

        They can also purchase tickets once they arrive here in the Philippines at any SM Cinema branch. Cosplay Mania tickets are exclusively available at SM Tickets, it is not available at Ticketworld or Ticketnet.

    1. Hall access will only let you in on one-half of the venue, meaning you won’t be able to go to the stage where the main program will be held. For example, if there’s a special guest coming on October 5, and you only have the hall access pass, then you won’t be able to see him/her.

    2. Cosplay Mania is divided into different zones.

      The Hall Access pass only grants you access to the Dealer’s/Exhibitors Room where different local and international exhibitors selling different kinds of warez and having different activities will take place.

      The Full Access Pass grants you access to BOTH Dealer’s Area AND Main Stage. The Main Stage will hold all of Cosplay Mania’s main contests and programs like the Project Cosplay, Torch IV finals, International Guests segments to name a few.

    1. Go to crossing and board a bus with the sign board “MOA/SM mall of asia”.
      and no, not necessarily. I’ve been going to this event for two years and I haven’t cosplayed here once.

  3. Hello! I’m a first time cosplayer and I’m new with these stuff, I wanted to ask…are cosplay contest participants the only ones allowed to wear costumes in these events or could a person just come in costume and not join the contests at all?

  4. can i ask ?? do you have any criteria on it ? and one more thing. is the registration open until now?? :P

  5. wow! I think I got my girlfriend another gig this october! Definitely helping her out with this event.hehehe. In fact, got some concept on what she will be wearing in this event .hahaha. Can’t wait to see her in this cosplay costumes!.ahahaha

  6. Does anyone know any stores/shops within Makati or Manila area that sells cosplay wigs, costumes, shoes and props? I’m from Laguna and there aren’t much stores here to choose from. I find it quite hard to purchase online . . .

  7. I have a question?? Are Cosplayers only allowed to enter the event?? or Spectators can enter too??, I’m planning to watch only in the event.. thanks :)

  8. Hi event organizers,

    can you provide cosplayers a locker or a counter for baggages both for competing and spectating/observing cosplayers so we can enjoy the event without worrying about our staffs. hope you can consider this.

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