Heartfelt Thanks from Cosplay Mania ’12

Five years have passed since Cosplay Mania started in 2008. In that time, it seems that every year we embark on an almost impossible task: to surpass ourselves with every Cosplay Mania and to create an event that is more organized, more memorable and more amazing than the last. It has never been an easy journey. In fact, it has been one often filled with hardship, turmoil and, at times, even heartbreak. It has been a journey filled with growing pains as we struggled to evolve our event into something that shines, not only in the Philippines, but throughout the world.

In this odyssey, we’ve been constantly supported by a foundation of remarkable talent, augmented this year by individuals who managed to step out of their comfort zone and rise into roles of greater responsibility. To the marketing, staff, crew and production team that allowed us to pull off a more ambitious event this year, you have my gratitude, but, at the same time, I challenge you to do even better next year and to constantly improve yourself and your craft so that we can all make Cosplay Mania even better in 2013.

To our sponsors, exhibitors and supporters, we thank you for providing the infrastructure for building an event that supported over 15,000 guests this year from all over the country as well as from foreign shores. Without your kind support, our hopes and dreams would have remained just that instead of the resounding success that it turned out to be.

To all the finalists in the Cosplay: Tournament of Champions 3rd Impact, we commend all of you for creating an incredibly rich, competitive atmosphere rife with friendly, constructive competition. You are all champions and we should all be proud of your accomplishments. To Adventure Team, our hopes and dreams for a back-to-back championship rides with you. Please bring back the crown to the Philippines this year.

To the organizers of Anime Fest Asia, we would also like to show our appreciation for your trust in once again allowing us to partner with you in RCC. To all our other partners and affiliates, thank you for placing your trust in us again this year as well.

And finally, to the Cosplayers and convention-goers that graced our event, we can’t sufficiently express our immense gratitude for your continued support. You are the reason we continue to try our hardest every year to bring you an event you can not only enjoy, but be truly proud of. As we start to make plans for next year’s event, we remain dedicated to providing an even better experience as well as to ensure that Cosplay Mania continues to be the world-class event you’ve come to expect.

Pablo Bairan

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